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Support HerStory Mother’s Day Pop Up at Shops at Clearfork

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BY // 04.27.22 // PaperCity Fort Worth

Mother’s Day weekend is coming right up, and the Shops at Clearfork shopping development in Fort Worth is hosting a special three-day Mother’s Day Pop-Up event to celebrate. Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7 from 11 am to 6 pm each day, and next Sunday, May 8 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, Support HerStory will showcase 10 fabulous, female-founded businesses to shower moms with gifts and memories.

Support HerStory was launched mid-pandemic to help women-led businesses connect directly with new customers and sell their products online when in-store shopping and other in-person events were essentially off-limits. For longer than anyone ever thought possible, online sales weren’t just trendy, they was almost the only way to make a sale.

It was a tough time for all small businesses for sure, but three women saw an opportunity to pivot to virtual platform to stay afloat.

Brittany Underwood, founder of Akola Jewelry which is a line hand-made by women in Uganda, and her sister Tinsley Merrill former co-founder of Pairr Experience linking events and businesses with influencers for promotional efforts, joined Whitney Rowell, founder of Miracle Milkookies which are touted to boost milk supply for lactating mothers. The three entrepreneurs sought to help other women-led small businesses make the transition to online sales as well. Support HerStory was born. The growing community now includes more than 100 female-founded businesses.


On Mother’s Day weekend, the Mamas Supporting Mamas pop-up event at Shops at Clearfork will be highlighting 10 HerStory brands. They will introduce themselves and entertain shoppers with 10 different customization bars including:


 Mignonne Gavigan― Mommy and daughter earrings
 Gresham― Bracelet bar on display
 Alexa Leigh― Bracelet and charm bar
 Aroma Boutik― Baby Line create your own scent
 Corazón Playero― Hats with artisans on site hand-embroidering and painting
 Cape Cobra― Leather goods to paint on
 Malibu Apothecary― Custom candles
 Unfold Collection― Designer jackets
 Holly Harris Designs - Custom printed tablescapes 
Akola - Unlock-It Collection & Bead Kit Bar 


    Mignonne Gavigan’s Mommy and Me collection is perfect for Mother’s Day fun

    Shoppers will be treated to live music too. There will be splashes of Topo Chico, and a Southern Pour tap wall featuring Rose Gold Rosé, Lone River Ranch Waters and Ohza Mimosas, along with a photo booth and a gorgeous balloon garland by Stellar Balloons to capture your social media moment.


    In addition, 10 percent of the proceeds will go to support women-led businesses in Ukraine whose employees have been displaced, providing hope to get them back on their feet as so many now find themselves refugees in a new country. Support HerStory is partnering with Vista Print to enhance the impact and share the stories of 11 women-led businesses in Ukraine including the below: 





    - PASKAL


    - 91LAB



    - JUL

    - KATIMO





    Please support these businesses not only though the pop up, but beyond through shared posts, purchasing their products online or buying gift cards. We are all in this together!

    The meaning behind the weekend is celebrating moms while supporting moms around the world.