designed with her in mind.

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Changing the Narrative. 

HerStory is the first shoppable platform featuring luxury, ethically-made products designed by women around the world. Our highly curated collection of products uplift women-led brands and communities. When you purchase from a HerStory brand, you are joining a movement to empower and represent women who want to change the narrative of fashion. You are not wearing an item, you are sharing a story that makes an impact.


Building and Connecting Communities

HerStory partners with a network of 250+ brands and 300,000 artisans who design and manufacture one of a kind luxury goods.

the vision

A Female Empowered Workforce

"The HerStory vision is to create a female empowered workforce that will be a strong contributor to economic development in communities around the world."

founder's letter

A note from the CEO

Inspired by the many women who have challenged me to find my purpose, passion and why - I am dedicated to share the stories of the many women-led small businesses that are making an impact through artisanal trade, conscious beauty, environmental efforts, micro-financing, vocational training and so much more. My hope is that we can all connect through the mission each of us have invested our lives into and share in resilence and passion through the art of design. 

Tinsley’s recipe for success is simple:

Check in with yourself and ask, “is what I am doing today still my passion?” She believes one is only as good as what they are passionate about. If you can create a career for yourself where you wake up each morning fueled to work your hardest, you will never work a day in your life.."

- SMU Look

There are many ways to make a difference in the world, just one connection or piece of clothing can change a persons life forever. 

Meet the Women

Tinsley Merrill Paul


Brittany Merrill Underwood