Empower Women, Share Stories, Earn Rewards

Brand Ambassador

Are you an influencer who believes in the power of stories and the strength of women? Join our Ambassador Program and become a vital part of this narrative. Wear our pieces, share the stories, and be the voice that echoes empowerment across Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest.

Ambassador Program

At HerStory, we're not just a marketplace; we're a movement. We curate and offer unique, luxury goods crafted by passionate, women-led brands from every corner of the globe. Every product you find here carries a story - a narrative of strength, creativity, and empowerment. Beyond fashion, HerStory is a commitment to creating dignified employment opportunities for women, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. With us, a purchase is more than just a transaction; it's a statement of support for women's economic independence. 

At HerStory, we believe in the power of stories and the strength of women. Our Ambassador Program invites influencers like you to partner with us in spreading the HerStory message across Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. As an ambassador you will receive...

• Generous gifting per campaign

• 16% commission on all sales purchased through your commission links

• Invitations to HerStory VIP parties in your city

• Early Access for your followers to shop exclusive collections

• Promotion on the HerStory Instagram, Tiktok, Website, Newsletters, and Blog

Affiliate Program

If you're not ready to take on the ambassador role just yet, you can still champion the cause by becoming an Affiliate. Promote HerStory on your Instagram, blog, LTK, or Pinterest using our commission links and enjoy a generous 16% commission. Together, we're rewriting the script on fashion, one story at a time.

Affiliate Program Offers

• 16% commission on all purchases placed through your commission links

• Early access to upcoming sales and promotions to help boost your earnings

How to Apply?

• Already on LTK? You're approved! Find Support HerStory as a listed brand and started sharing content! 

• Apply via ShareASale! We will review all applications.