International Women's Day | Support HerStory

International Women's Day | Support HerStory

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, there is nothing more important than highlighting the accomplishments and beauty brought by the women of our world. March 8th, along with Women’s History Month, is a time dedicated to celebrating and recognizing women who have impacted and changed the world.

Support HerStory, the online marketplace, supports women through a strong mission, and purpose. When the 2019 pandemic hit, CEO’s and sisters Tinsley Merrill and Brittany Underwood recognized the lack of support for small, female-founded businesses across the globe. Together, through their own organizations, they created platforms to not only sell the products of these small businesses, but to tell the true stories behind them. SupportHerStory has strengthened the relationships and successes of multiple female-built companies all over the world. From women in Uganda, to Mexico, and all over the United States, Merrill and Underwood have created the perfect recipe to support females and small businesses in a unique way.

Women's History Month

International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month are the perfect times to use the resources provided by SupportHerStory to show support to the female mentors, loved ones, and friends in your life. Whether you want to read the personal stories behind companies such as Shea Yeleen and Letherology, or curate the perfect box for that special female in your life, SupportHerStory is just where you need to be.

With the mission of women supporting women, there is no better time than now to head to their website and pay tribute to the phenomenal women around the globe whose craftsmanship is rooted in such a deep meaning. The variety of products and stories brought to you through SupportHerStory represent the power of the female.

Celebrate your mother, sister, daughter, friend, mentor, or any woman who has touched your life and give them something that tells how you support and admire them.