Outdoor Tea Giftable with Tea Brewer Mug Gift Set by Gardenuity
Outdoor Tea Giftable with Tea Brewer Mug Gift Set by Gardenuity
Outdoor Tea Giftable with Tea Brewer Mug Gift Set by Gardenuity


Outdoor Tea Giftable with Tea Brewer Mug Gift Set by Gardenuity

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Inspire the person who inspires you with the gift of growing by Gardenuity. When you gift a Gardenuity garden, your gift recipient will receive the complete garden kit with a Match code inside for their fully rooted plant collection. When they are ready to get growing, they simply email GrowPro@gardenuity.com, and their plants will be matched to them and sent from one of our farm partners.

Your gift recipient will love the Gardenuity garden for lots of reasons. First, it is easy to get started and doesn't require any experience. The gift includes insightful guidance from Grow Pro to ensure your gift recipient is matched to the perfect plants for where they live. Second, when your gift recipient is ready to get growing, they can work directly with a Grow Pro on their plant collection specifics and can choose the timing of their plant delivery.

The perfect time to have a healthy tea garden is always! Each Tea Giftable Garden Gift Set includes a Gardenuity Tea Brewing Mug. Our 11 oz. stoneware mug makes brewing the perfect cup of tea easy.  Designed to match our signature orange Teapot on the Spot, our tea brewer mug comes with a matching lid and stainless steel mesh infuser.  

The Giftable Tea Garden kit provides your recipient with a step-by-step guide to growing and enjoying fresh herbs at home and using them to enhance favorite tea or to make their own infusions that soothe and restore.

The Gardenuity Tea Garden is the ideal way to get your tea garden growing, wherever you live, work, or play. Tea gardens have their origins in the work of 17th century apothecaries such as Nicholas Culpeper, a botanist and physician whose book of herbs, The English Physician, is still in print today after first being published in 1653.

When you give a Gardenuity Garden, you are giving the gift an unforgettable experience- the experience of growing and harvesting fresh flavors from their very own patio garden.

If your recipient has a location outside that receives 4 or more hours of daily sun, this garden is positioned for lush growth. 

A garden of fresh herbs on her patio, porch, or balcony will quickly become her go to garden for fresh flavor. 

The Giftable Tea Garden Kit Includes:

  • Portable & reusable 5 gallon grow bag embroidered with Tea Garden
  • Assorted fully rooted herb plants matched to your recipients weather and location (ready to ship when you are ready to grow)
  • Foundation/Compost
  • Coir- expands to 3-4 gallons of total growing media
  • Soil Primer
  • Micro Nutrients
  • 30 & 60 Day plant food
  • Seasonal Grow Pro membership

All of our garden kits include a season of Grow Pro membership. Grow Pro offers a world of benefits designed to make your gardening experience better. You will receive weather alerts to tell you if you need to move your garden inside and interesting ways to enjoy your fresh harvest- recipes, harvesting tips and more.

  • Garden Weather Alerts
  • Harvest Guidance
  • On-Call support from a Grow Pro expert
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Watering tips
  • Wellness Advice

This item only ships within the United States.