Meet the women

Donna Letier


My journey, like so many changed courses with the birth of my youngest daughter who was born with special needs and I was told not to expect her to live past five. I was not prepared or equipped emotionally or financially to be “that mom”, but with faith and Jillian’s older sister I saw the power of nurturing. I have had the unique privilege of witnessing two girls grow up together, watching their perseverance, grit, grace, and sense of humor towards life. This gave me the needed foundation to become an entrepreneur. My co-founder, Julie Eggers and I noticed the quickly growing trend of patio gardens and felt the time was ripe for improving people’s odds of enjoying a successful harvest. I have been in retail my entire career and as an avid reader and observer of people I knew it was time to bring experience-driven retail to the gardening platform and to consumers across the country. It was time to share the grower’s story, the plants story, and invite people into the thrill that comes with every “I grew that” moment. I believe in the joy of growing good things, experiences, memories and moments. I believe we cannot live our life defined by limitations others put on us. Gardenuity is the conduit to share the joy of growing. I believe in everyone’s potential to grow. In the undeniable delight; life unfurling leaf by leaf, sprouting before our eyes. The joy of being rooted; the magic that happens, when you get a little dirty. Because with each Gardenuity garden, it’s not just plants that are growing. It’s you.

The Origin

Gardenuity is a modern way to garden. Designed for busy urban consumers, Gardenuity guides each of their gardeners towards success through patent-pending matching technology, curated garden components, and personalized Grow Pro assistance. Gardenuity gathered the best minds in horticulture to collaborate on the best way to bring gardening success to everyone, no matter where they live. Founder Donna Letier is on a mission to build a lifestyle brand focused on reinventing the gardening experience; introducing the health and wellness benefits that come with home gardening and growing gratitude. Gardenuity gardens are growing coast to coast with harvests happening every day. Every patio, balcony, fire escape, and porch can inspire the love of farming, eating fresh foods and gratitude. Gardenuity has shipped to 46 states and has been featured in Real Simple, Forbes, InStyle, House Beautiful, Goop, Martha Stewart, and Gardenista.