Marble Wine Chiller by Agave

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Our modern take on a classic stone wine chiller - White Marble by Agve

Enhance your environment with our exclusive AGAVE Wine Holders. Mexican craftsmanship within your reach, each piece is hand-carved from pure marble, reflecting the effort, passion, and ancestral heritage of artisans. Its angular and regular design brings a unique and sophisticated style, turning each Wine Holder into a genuine work of art.


Design: Angular and regular cut for a contemporary and sophisticated style. Dimensions: 4.33 inches in diameter x 7.09 inches in height. Each Wine Holder is unique, reflecting the soul and dedication of its creator.

With AGAVE, more than just buying an object, you become the guardian of a rich tradition, and your choice helps keep Mexican craftsmanship alive.

Since products are handmade there may be slight variations in size and color.