Meet the women

Catalina Garza and Mariana Jasso


Catalina and Mariana, lifelong friends from Monterrey, Mexico. Despite growing up just two blocks from each other, they now reside in different countries, with Catalina remaining in Mexico and Mariana settling in Austin, Texas. The geographical distance between them has ignited a shared passion: to bridge the gap between the US market and the rich tapestry of Mexican art they hold dear to their hearts. Their mission is to shine a spotlight on the abundant talent within their native Mexico and introduce it to an eager audience waiting to discover its beauty and creativity.

The Origin

Agave is a woman and Latina-owned company dedicated to the fusion of artisanal Mexican tradition with contemporary design. The company collaborates closely with artisan partners in Mexico, ensuring a harmonious blend of their design vision and the rich heritage and processes of these artisans. In every endeavor, Agave considers their artisan partners as true collaborators, valuing the opportunity to learn from their stories, share their passion, and introduce their exquisite creations to a wider audience.