Huipil Kaftan by Agave

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A beautiful staple of Mexican textiles, our huipiles are loomed by hand on a backstrap loom. 

Since our huipiles are made by hand and one of a kind sizing and length can vary. The pieces are wide and can fit various sizes comfortably. Our adult huipiles should fit a size Small-Large. Our child size fits most children under 10 at varying lengths, from a floor length dress to a shirt. Feel free to email us for information on any specific piece.

About our Textiles: Many indigenous communities have maintained their artisanal textile traditions. These communities follow the custom of growing cotton, which is then used to make their own thread for weaving. 
The thread is typically mounted on a back strap loom (consisting of several oieces of wood and tied to the waist to generate the tension of the threads). This is a time consuming process that can take several months, but creates unique pieces such as a rebozo (long scarf covering head and shoulders) or huipil (a traditional female garment with roots that date back to the MesoAmerican cultures and still continues to be worn today).