Huichol Skull by Agave


Huichol Skull by Agave

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Discover the mystery and charm of our Traditional Skulls, authentic one-of-a-kind artworks created with the unparalleled talent of Huichol artists. Each piece tells a story in colors and shapes, embodying ancestral heritage and the passionate creativity of our master craftsmen.

Each piece is molded in resin and then beaded by hand in intricate patterns.

Items can be customized to a favorite color or pattern combination at no additional cost.

In stock items shown below are shipped immediately while custom items ship in about a month.

About Huichol: According to Cosmovision (the Meso-American explanation and understanding of the universe) of the Huichol people, the gods speak to men through colors. This is one of the few artistic processes that is invariably linked to a mystical sense - the spirit as a raw material of art and vice versa. Every piece from this group is inspired by visions experienced during a peyote ritual. Huichol products usually use wax as an adhesive for the thousands of beads that each work contains. We use a special glue instead of wax to make these works of art less fragile and heat resistant.


Catalina Garza & Mariana Jasso

Catalina and Mariana, lifelong friends from Monterrey, Mexico. Despite growing up just two blocks from each other, they now reside in different countries, with Catalina remaining in Mexico and Mariana settling in Austin, Texas. The geographical distance between them has ignited a shared passion: to bridge the gap between the US market and the rich tapestry of Mexican art they hold dear to their hearts. Their mission is to shine a spotlight on the abundant talent within their native Mexico and introduce it to an eager audience waiting to discover its beauty and creativity.