Henderson Huggies-White Gold by Herice Henderson

Herice Henderson

Henderson Huggies-White Gold by Herice Henderson

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Henderson Huggies-White Gold by Herice Henderson

Our huggie style version measures 13 mm in diameter and 6.50 mm wide and features our signature hole pattern. Made of solid brass with a durable 18k gold plating. Each pair comes with our standard friction disk backs that are secure and comfortable. Available in yellow and white gold.


Jamie Phillips

I started designing jewelry as a way to express my creativity. Through the many iterations of my design, I noticed that I kept coming back to designs that incorporated circles. I finally had my “aha moment!”

All of my designs incorporate circles with holes. Since circles have no beginning or end, they are often associated with the concept of wholeness. It is a symbol of completeness and unity. Where endings seamlessly flow into new beginnings. The holes throughout each of my designs symbolize the inner critic, The voice that sometimes tells us we are not enough. Yet, the circle reminds us of our true essence and coming back to self. It’s about discovering and at times rediscovering what makes you Whole.