Chessboard - Medium by Agave

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Chessboard by Agave

Immerse yourself in the game of strategy and elegance with our CALA Marble Chess Set. Each board, meticulously handcrafted, is a work of art in itself, resonating with the rich Mexican heritage and tradition. Its elegant carved pieces reflect the attention to detail and passion of the artisan, turning every move into a sublime experience. Available in two sizes, it's a perfect acquisition for any chess lover or art enthusiast.


Dimensions: Available in two sizes, medium (27x27cm) and large (35x35cm). Design: Each set includes 32 meticulously carved pieces, each with a distinctive character and charm.

With AGAVE, you're not just buying a chess set, but you become the guardian of an ancestral tradition while supporting the artisan talent of Mexico.

The smaller version of our marble chessboard. A truly beautiful and unique piece for chess enthusiasts and decor lovers alike.

In three colors to fit any decor!

Black and Gray

Brown and White

Black and White

Size: 10.5 x 10.5 in


*Please note pieces are handcrafted and size/color can vary slightly*