Alicia Base in White by Agave

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These beautiful bases are fiberglass editions made in collaboration with Mexican artist Alicia Canales by Agave. 

Her work in ceramics is sculptural and organic. These pieces look just like ceramic but are not as fragile and heavy. They function beautifully as a table centerpiece, base for an orchid or original succulent planter.

The Alicia Arena Base is much more than a mere decorative object. It is an exquisite work of art created in collaboration with the renowned local artist, Alicia Canales. Designed with elegance and character, the base can be used either on its own to add a touch of uniqueness and style to any space or as a beautiful vase, highlighting the beauty of your favorite flowers. Each piece is unique and carries the passion and talent of Mexican artisans.


Small: 18cm x 14cm in height

Medium: 28cm x 14cm in height

Large: 41cm x 20cm in height

Materials: Crafted with fiberglass and resin, each base is hand-painted by Mexican artisans, giving it an unparalleled identity and authenticity.

When you purchase an Alicia Base, you're not just acquiring a decorative item, but you're taking ownership of a piece of heart and a moment in the lives of our artists. You're carrying with you a fragment of our ancestral heritage transformed into creation. At AGAVE, we believe that handmade goes beyond the object; it's a testament to dedication, love, and mastery.