The Julianne Body Chain by Reshelled
The Julianne Body Chain by Reshelled

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The Julianne Body Chain by Reshelled

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Hips measurement:

Hips measurement



The Julianne Body Chain by Reshelled

The Julianne Body Chain is made using one shell on a stainless steel, gold plated chain. Feel free to swim in the Teresa as Reshelled jewelry will not turn from water exposure. 


- Neck: 21"
- Drop: ~5 inches
- Measure around your hips (over your hip bones where low rise jeans would hit).
- If you'd like a specific number of inches not listed, please that in the notes at checkout.

*Body chains are final sale


Jessie Taylor

Hey there! I'm Jessie Taylor, the founder of Reshelled Jewelry.
I grew up in Atlanta until my family moved to Santa Rosa Beach, FL when I was 12 years old. Growing up on the beach was an amazing experience and gave me an immense love for the coast. I went to college at The University of Alabama and moved to Nashville the Summer after graduation. For the past almost 10 years I’ve worked in content marketing which now lends itself well to running Reshelled. In the beginning, Reshelled was purely a fun side hustle. After 2.5 years, working full time and moving Reshelled forward wasn’t sustainable. I made the decision to leave my full time job and pursue turning Reshelled into a full time job.
In 2018, I met my husband, we recently tied the knot in both Grayton Beach and New Delhi, India. When I'm not making or marketing jewelry, I spend time traveling or taking the quick 1 hour flight to 30A from Nashville.