Rowan - 3mm by Gresham
Rowan - 3mm by Gresham
Rowan - 3mm by Gresham
Rowan - 3mm by Gresham

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Rowan - 3mm by Gresham

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The Rowan necklace by Gresham - a timeless piece with a simple, yet sophisticated design that you can wear sun-up to sun-down! The Rowan necklace is one of our classic gold necklaces we designed for endless and easy wear!

Offered in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm bead sizes and a variety of lengths so you can perfect your layered look. 

Our classic gold necklaces are meant for layering, so mix & match your faves for a unique look that suits you! We promise, you won't want to take them off — and you won't have to...these necklaces are 14k gold-filled and water-resistant which means you can wear them anytime and all the time!


Gresham Meek

I’ve been stringing beads together ever since I was a young girl. I like to say I grew up making friendship bracelets just like every other little girl, except I never stopped. Ever since I can remember I’ve been interested in jewelry. Growing up I constantly took jewelry classes learning how to string, knot, wire wrap, solder, melt and design. I held my first trunk show in the sixth grade with 40 necklaces I made by hand and sold out! I continued creating and selling throughout my adolescent years and furthered my interest throughout college. I’ve always been drawn to the Italian Renaissance so I focused my collegiate studies on the art history of jewelry design and craft in that period. During this time I wrote my senior thesis titled, “Technical and Stylistic Changes in Jewelry from the Time of Theophilus to the Time of Cellini” which explores the significance of jewelry design during the Renaissance.