Padilla Long Dress by Hess
Padilla Long Dress by Hess
Padilla Long Dress by Hess
Padilla Long Dress by Hess


Padilla Long Dress by Hess

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Padilla Long Dress by Hess

Obs: The Sevilla Collection is currently on pre-order. Shipping starts from end of April. We aim to ship every item from 4-6 weeks after receiving the order. 

The Padilla Long Dress features a plunging neckline and a body fitting silhouette in contrasting shades of red and pink linen. Frontal frills bring both colours together with a waist defining twist. Every flower is embroidered by hand, a process that takes over 36 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.


Product details

  • Full length
  • Adjustable straps
  • V Neck
  • Two-tone colourblock dress with solid back in red
  • Body fitting silhouette
  • Contrasting flowers embroidered by hand
  • Red and powder rose
  • Decorative frills
  • Crafted from linen
  • Made in India



Francieli Hess

Born in southern Brazil,  Francieli Hess has always been passionate about arts, literature and design. This passion led her to find in fashion a way to express creativity beyond words.  It was while studying in Italy that she first fell in love with craftsmanship and impeccably tailored silhouettes. Many years later, a trip to India changed her life in a way no one could’ve ever imagined.   Amidst the chaotic beauty of the Pink City, she felt home like nowhere else before. The streets crowded with rickshaws, fortune-tellers and artisans guided Francieli into a creative wonderland, where everything seemed to be possible.  Then, one day, she woke up with the feeling that the right time had arrived. It was the moment to start building a lifelong dream: a brand that could translate her passion for fashion, art and natural products into clothes designed to survive the test of time. Back in Brazil, she could only think about India and didn’t rest before selling everything to move back to the country that so unexpectedly changed her life. And that’s how Hess was born.