New York Puffer Dress Navy by Madeline Marie

Madeline Marie

New York Puffer Dress Navy by Madeline Marie

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New York Puffer Dress Navy by Madeline Marie

PRE ORDER your custom size 

How long does it take for you to make a dress?

This dress is Made to Order. It depends on the item, but oftentimes it takes up to 4-6 weeks to finish a dress!

Are you able to 100% customize my order?

Yes! I do this fairly often! Customers will send me inspiration and I will create a dress based on their design, please email for more information. 

Do you make your own patterns?

Yes! I make them all by hand using newspaper! There might be a better method, but I haven't gotten that far yet!

Every Madeline Marie dress is handmade using fabric sourced from all over the country, from vintage linens, to deadstock fabric to my favorite garment district stores. There are only a few made of each of these dresses. Many are one of a kind. Each dress is made to fit your chest perfectly. If you do not see your size online, Madeline will personally alter the dress to fit YOU. When you purchase a Madeline Marie dress it comes with a lifetime guarantee of alterations whether it is size or mending. I feel so deeply about tailoring your clothing to fit you perfectly no matter your stage of life. Below are styles & fabrics of dresses that can be remade in the same fabric and style. In addition I have all of the fabrics you see below in stock to pre-order your Madeline Marie Dress in whatever style you would like. I absolutely love chatting with each and every customer to make their dress of their day dreams. I cannot wait to work with you make your special Madeline Marie dress. 

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Madeline Marie

Madeline Marie is a New York based custom dress label owned and founded by designer, Madeline Manning. Madeline Marie is a slow fashion brand that focuses on made to order dresses. Every piece is hand sewn using vintage linens and textiles from local shops in NYC. Many of Madeline Marie’s dresses are designed to be very different from one another, some being one of a kind pieces. Each fabric shown is inspired by a different concept. From the city life to the country, from glam to everyday wear.