Madeline Earrings Ivory Rosegold by Mignonne Gavigan
Madeline Earrings Ivory Rosegold by Mignonne Gavigan

Mignonne Gavigan

Madeline Earrings Ivory Rosegold by Mignonne Gavigan

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Back by popular demand, our neon colorway earrings by Mignonne Gavigan provides a perfect eye-popping hue for the season and beyond. Layers of beading and carefully placed winged sequins. Handmade, super lightweight and backed with leather.


Maggie Smith

My name is Mignonne but please call me Maggie. I am the mother to an energetic, cheerful and rowdy three-year-old son named Fields. I am originally from the South and have lived in New York for the past 15 years. I am the sister to 3 brothers and the daughter to loving parents. I am a creator.... always drawing, building, traveling and seeing the world through an artist’s lens. I launched Mignonne Gavigan jewelry in 2014 in hopes that each piece would bring joy and happiness to the wearer. Ultimately what I’ve discovered is that women develop a significant amount of confidence when wearing an MG piece. That is so important to us-that we are building a community of confident and joy-filled women. My approach stems from my love of art, nature, architecture and textiles and bringing those together in jewelry. Mindfully crafted, by skilled artisans in India, our handmade pieces are meant to be worn with ease.