Little Faustina One-Piece Swimsuit by Hermoza


Little Faustina One-Piece Swimsuit by Hermoza

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Little Faustina One-Piece Swimsuit by Hermoza

Your little one will look cute and comfy in our Little Faustina One-Piece Swimsuit. Featuring a belt sash, and high neck, it'll be your little one's favorite suit for pool days! Plus, there's even a matching suit for mom, so you can twin together!


Marisa De Lecce and Tiffany Rivers

We wanted to bring you the swimwear of our dreams. Literally, after constantly joking about wearing our workout clothes to the pool (seriously), we decided to stop settling for less and started designing for the style and performance that fit our lives and our bodies. We turned to Hollywood's original icons — those who wanted complete coverage, highest quality and endless feminine style —for inspiration. we realized that while their joie de vivre can’t be explained, imitated or recreated, it can be inspired, ignited and harnessed in each one of us. After all, we’re born with that iconic spirit, this way of living that makes every detail, every minute, every connection a little more magical. It’s just that sometimes we forget who we are in today’s busy world. Enter Hermoza.