Huichol Horseshoes by Agave

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Our Horseshoes are more than just craftsmanship; they are the echo of the rich Mexican heritage turned into creation, materialized in the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. Made from real horseshoes and then beaded by hand, each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, an extension of the hands and hearts that created them.

Each piece includes acrylic stand.


Items can be customized to a favorite color or pattern combination at no additional cost.

In stock items shown below are shipped immediately while custom items ship in about a month.

About Huichol: According to Cosmovision (the Meso-American explanation and understanding of the universe) of the Huichol people, the gods speak to men through colors. This is one of the few artistic processes that is invariably linked to a mystical sense - the spirit as a raw material of art and vice versa. Every piece from this group is inspired by visions experienced during a peyote ritual. Huichol products usually use wax as an adhesive for the thousands of beads that each work contains. We use a special glue instead of wax to make these works of art less fragile and heat resistant.