Cumbia Overized Throw (3 colors) by Zuahaza
Cumbia Overized Throw (3 colors) by Zuahaza
Cumbia Overized Throw (3 colors) by Zuahaza


Cumbia Overized Throw (3 colors) by Zuahaza

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Throws are essentials in just about every living room and have a way of completing the ideal bedding. Channeling Cartagena’s tropical climate, these throw blankets  by Zuahaza showcase soft, warm colors that will complement any space and style. The large throws are majestic, breathable, and offer full coverage for most bed sizes.

Cumbia is a Colombian folkloric music and dance. Originating from the Caribbean coast, this music’s rhythms are a mix of African, indigenous, and Spanish musical melodies and instruments.

Product Details:

  • Colors: Crocodile Green & Apricot Orange / Earth Brown & Cream / Indigo & Seaglass Blue

  • Dimensions: 150 x 200 cm / 60" x 80"*

  • Materials: 100% organic cotton, undyed & naturally dyed, industrially and hand spun yarn*

  • Handmade by a women artisan cooperative in the town of Charalá, Colombia


    *Small variations in size might occur

    *Handspun yarn varies in texture and color.


Tatiana Ordoñez and Veelie Alba

Zuahaza was founded by Tatiana Ordoñez in 2019 in Colombia. In 2018, Tatiana made a trip to Charalá to learn about the rich history of cotton growing, spinning and weaving in this region. During her trip, she met with Corpolienzo, a cooperative of artisans. Together, they decided to create a new line of textiles, born of the artisans’ extensive knowledge and of Tatiana’s desire to share creative, innovative textiles with the global market.