Coastal Enamel Necklace - Navy by George Francis

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Coastal Enamel Necklace - Navy by George Francis

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Coastal Enamel Necklace - Navy by George Francis

Delicate 14k yellow gold chain with vibrant navy colored enamel.


*Can be worn at 3 different lengths - 16" | 17" | 18"


Tyler Francis

As a young girl, I would sketch and dream. My father encouraged that whatever my mind dreamt, it could be done! I was taught to appreciate the moulding on an old home, the brush strokes on an oil painting, the colors of the sunset. Growing up in a small coastal town kept my mind open for anything. After all, there is never the same wave twice. When I was a teenager, I first went to Europe. Looking back I know, I know that trip changed my life forever. The museums, the food, the clothes, the JEWELRY! In a roundabout way, I found myself with my first job in the jewelry industry. The first job I will forever be thankful for. It was the first time I'd felt like I found my calling. I've had the gracious opportunity to work next to some of the best designers and brands in the world. Absorbing all of the knowledge I could. I'm a product of entrepreneurs - I think I always knew I'd be one. The many hats you wear from marketing to designing even production to customer service, are some of my favorite reasons I do this job. I've never been happier than to conquer the juggle every day. George Francis was my great-grandfather (The Legacy) and a huge influence on me. I was fortunate enough to enjoy time with a lot of my "greats" they have all made lasting impressions on who I am today. I have a few treasured pieces from them I keep close to my heart and use as inspiration when creating my jewelry!After over a decade in the jewelry industry and navigating the sea of the jewelry world; it only seemed right to launch George Francis.My family roots come all the way from Italy to Texas. We are currently residing in the Dallas area although we've lived in New York City, California, Tennessee, and England to name a few! My pieces reflect the inspirations I've collected from my relatives, in my travels (ciao, Italia!), and my love of architecture and the arts. George Francis will remain classic, timeless, and always heritage; these have become the foundations of my brand.