Bright Eyes by BeautyBio
Bright Eyes by BeautyBio
Bright Eyes by BeautyBio


Bright Eyes by BeautyBio

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A set of 15 illuminating and cooling colloidal silver infused eye gels by BeautyBio that instantly de-puff, brighten and revitalize the delicate eye area in 10 minutes with natural collagen to fill in the appearance of fine lines.

  • De-puffs and promotes healthy micro-circulation
  • Minimizes appearance of under-eye circles and hollowness
  • Helps fill in the appearance of fine lines
  • Gels may be used on nose-to-mouth lines as well as eye area

How To Use: 


Cleanse face and pat dry.


Remove Bright Eyes gels from clear adhesive and place onto under-eye area avoiding direct contact with eye.


Allow key ingredients to soak into the eye area for at least 10 minutes.


After removing eye gels, follow with your favorite facial serum and moisturizer.

For AM + PM use.


Jamie O’Banion

Jamie O’Banion is Founder and CEO of BeautyBio, one of the fastest growing skincare lines in North America. After working alongside her father in their family-owned cosmetic lab developing innovative ingredients for some of the top prestige and professional skincare brands, she witnessed several brands using minimal concentrations of active ingredients to save on costs but still make clinical consumer claims. Jamie founded BeautyBio with a commitment to transparency and education to empower consumers with knowledge and science-backed results. After launching an award-winning retinol system, BeautyBio debuted the first ever patented at-home microneedling tool, GloPRO®, that not only made waves in the industry, but helped steer the burgeoning conversation about at-home self-care.