My purpose has always been connection. I have a deep desire to bring people together with different backgrounds, but similar interests, to experience something new. I had a unique opportunity to grow up around a family that taught me and demonstrated that the sky is only the limit if you make it so. When I graduated from SMU I stumbled into a job with the influencer-tech platform, rewardStyle. As a millennial consumer, I always craved experiences over things and wanted those experiences to be curated and catered to my interests. I noticed I was not interested in connecting with influencers based on the clothes they were wearing or material goods they had, but rather, the events they were attending and destinations they traveled to. At the time, there was no platform I could find catering to my need as a consumer to connect through experiences and no opportunities for influencers to monetize outside of the traditional channels of retail.

I co-founded PAIRR to design a platform that builds communities through unique experiences and fosters engagement and variety. Meaningful community and customization is exactly what we have strived to provide our members, brands and influencers in our experience ecosystem. My story has been written by experience and will continue with Her Story. The most meaningful gift our generation can receive is unique experiences and there is no greater experience than one you can share with others.