My passion for baking started as a little girl.  I was born and raised in Chicago, my mother was a homemaker and I remember watching and wanting to help her in the kitchen. Everything was always homemade and tasted delicious.  I knew I wanted to pursue a career in culinary arts and making people feel good. My mother and I visited the best schools in downtown Chicago but came to the conclusion that is wasn’t the right time for that path. I went to school to be a Surgical Technologist instead and have spent the last eleven years assisting surgeons in a variety of surgeries.  My family and I relocated to South Florida to get away from the cold. Then Covid happened. Surgeries stopped completely. I wanted to try something that I have never made before and that something were macarons. These beautiful works of art were difficult to accomplish at first, I didn’t want to give up and kept trying. I finally perfected them and gave them to co-workers to try and they were a success! I knew I was on to something. That’s when I decided to start Sweets by Sandy.


Sweets by Sandy makes delicious French macarons (without coconut). Not to be mistaken with French macaroons (with coconut). I started my business about a year ago when surgeries weren’t happening. After a year of perfecting my delicate treats I have grown to have over 25 flavors and many sweet tooths satisfied with my homemade treats.