What made me decide to start my journey as an entrepreneur was a mix of serendipity and fate. I was working in corporate America and no longer felt intellectually stimulated or challenged. A friend and I discussed the idea of empowering and equipping women interested in business and fashion. One evening and as fate would have it, one week later my lucrative position was eliminated when I exceeded my sales quota 10 times over! I used the severance package to completely self-fund and launch Rent My Wardrobe one week later. You don’t need to be a fashion guru or an entrepreneurial star to enjoy and flourish with Rent My Wardrobe app. Our goal is to support you in looking your best, feeling your best, and earning some extra money along the way. The beauty behind our business is the reach of multi-layers of socioeconomic classes and age ranges of females. Users have a two-way advantage of saving money on designer clothes they rent and making money on dresses, bags, shoes, accessories, and more, they list.