It all started over a FaceTime call during the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. Two preschoolers had just found out that their pre-k 4 class was cancelled for the indefinite future and they wanted to see each other. After losing interest over FaceTime, their moms Brittany Underwood (founder of Akola Jewelry) and Whitney Rowell (founder of Miracle Milkookies) took over. The conversation turned to the unsettling future of retail during this time. As female small business owners they brainstormed how they could work together to create a solution for small, female-founded businesses to make it through the crisis.

Brittany immediately called her sister, Tinsley Merrill (Cofounder of PAIRR Experience) who had just pivoted her business from a live-event platform to a virtual platform to keep up with the abrupt change in consumer behavior. Tinsley understood the power of meaningful experiences and pitched that the best way to have consumers shop small was to connect them with small business owners on a deeper level, to experience their ‘story.’

Bringing their diverse skillsets together, HerStory was born.