Her Story

Raised in a household of all girls, paired with a mom experienced with an entrepreneurial background and a dad encouraging her to achieve anything, Molly had the desire to pursue a fashion start-up from a very young age. As a little girl, her free time was spent putting on mock fashion shows with her three sisters, making clothes and jewelry with her mom, and coming up with any small job to earn a little spending money of her own. By age 16, Molly decided that rather than apply for her first job, she would create one on her own. Starting with $20 worth of supplies, hundreds of scattered ideas, and the passion to learn along the way, Bubble & Bead came to be on Etsy in 2015. One by one, sales came in and Molly became more determined to turn it into something bigger. With a lot of learning, Bubble & Bead turned into a part-time job and eventually outgrew Etsy. Within two years, it was on its own web domain and a full time career for Molly. She did not let this get in the way of her desire to apply to college and earn a degree. Fortunately, her mom, Heather, applied her own business skills to Bubble & Bead and assisted in co-operating the business for the following few years. This allowed Molly to graduate with a degree in Telecommunication and Graphic Design from Texas A&M University in 2020. Today, Molly resides in Dallas, Texas and operates Bubble & Bead full time. She is extremely excited for what the future has in store for her and hopes to inspire other young girls to take charge of their own career.

About the Brand

Bubble & Bead is an on-trend jewelry brand dedicated to offering a striking collection of pieces perfect for the everyday girl. You can shop a wide variety of 14K gold filled and gold plated styles, paired with freshwater pearls, and natural stones. While rapidly growing into a national brand, founder Molly Dolan holds tight to the value of a “small business” and continues to handcraft the majority of her pieces with love and care. At Bubble & Bead, one of the core values is giving back to those in need. For this reason, 10% of annual profits go to various U.S. charities.