Her Story

A love of fashion and a desire for adventure led me to study in Milan, Italy in the spring of 2020. From an early age, I was taught that attitude is everything in life. Fast forward to a worldwide pandemic cancelling school in March and I’m home in Chicago. As an eternal optimist, I decided it was up to me to make the best of a dream semester cut short. For me that meant growing my company.

My sister and I started Winona Street Design as a way to honor our grandparents. The company is appropriately named after the street they raised their family on, and where my grandma still lives today. Originally, Winona Street Design was jewelry focused, however our candles have quickly taken center stage. Seeing the rapid rise of our 100% soy candles I created at-home candle kits which have sold out twice since they were introduced in March. At Winona Street Design we believe in the power of our dreams which is why each time you blow out one of our candles you are encouraged to make a wish to follow your own dreams. I am a rising senior at Southern Methodist pursuing my dream of becoming a journalist and international fashion reporter. It goes without saying that I blow out a lot of candles!

Brand Story

50 years of marriage is something to commemorate, and after caring for 10 kids, 75 foster babies and 31 grandkids, Jim wanted to find a gift as unique as his time with his wife, Mary Jo. After searching endlessly for the perfect piece of jewelry, he could not find anything that spoke to the wonderful years they had shared together, so he designed a one of a kind necklace. This labor of love featured roman numerals to recognize the year they were married, diamonds to commemorate each child, and sapphires and rubies for each grandchild. 

Jim also created a special one-of-a-kind necklace for each of his ten daughters and daughters-in-law, celebrating each time a union began and wishing love, laughter, and continued memories to each and every one.

When his daughters wore these necklaces, people always asked where they found such interesting pieces. Because we wanted to spread the love, we decided to share this with others and started Winona Street Design. Whether it’s a sixteenth birthday, an exciting graduation, a special anniversary, the birth of a new baby, or simply a date you cherish, Winona Street Design helps tell the story. 

The addition of WISH candles helps customers to celebrate moments both big and small. Each one is 100% soy and hand poured. Every time you blow it out, we encourage you to dream big and make a wish. Because to us life is all about celebrating moments.

Since after all...it's not just a moment, it's a memory for life.