Kirsten E. McFarlan Designs is a creative haven that specializes in the art of storytelling through design. With a keen eye for creativity and a passion for bringing brands and stories to life, this design studio has an unwavering commitment to infusing joy, vibrancy, and a fresh perspective into every project. Whether it's crafting charming greeting cards, building captivating websites, or capturing product stories through photography, Kirsten E. McFarlan Designs is known for its ability to elevate ordinary moments into extraordinary narratives.

The brand's journey began with a simple Google form for customers to place orders for holiday gift tags, designed by Kirsten during her spare moments between classes at Texas Christian University. What started as a creative outlet quickly blossomed into a thriving, full-time endeavor. Today, Kirsten E. McFarlan Designs is all about spreading the contagious joy of well-crafted designs that breathe life into every celebration, making each moment memorable and extraordinary.


Kirsten McFarlan, the creative genius behind Kirsten E. McFarlan Designs, is a visionary graphic designer with an innate talent for storytelling through design. Her journey began while pursuing her BFA in Graphic Design at Texas Christian University, where she honed her skills and discovered her niche in bringing brands and stories to life through her unique design sensibilities.

Kirsten's creative journey truly took flight when she designed Halloween and Christmas gift tags in her free moments, initially using a Google form to take orders. Her designs quickly gained recognition and became more than just a side project; they turned into a full-time passion. Kirsten's ability to stay one step ahead in design, infusing freshness, brightness, and a sense of joy into her work, has been a driving force behind the success of Kirsten E. McFarlan Designs.

With a relentless dedication to bringing happiness and creativity to life's celebrations, Kirsten McFarlan's work is a testament to her remarkable ability to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary stories through her artistic talents. She continues to inspire and uplift others through her unique designs and heartfelt storytelling.