Kimberly Cobb graduated in May ‘21 from Texas A&M University with a Masters in Finance, BBA in Accounting, and completed CPA exams. She is now working at Ernst & Young NYC. Kimberly recently started KiCarCo this past summer and operates this business out of the Dallas, Texas area, her hometown. She is so grateful for all the support and awareness raised as well as the opportunities that have come in just the past months. 


The idea for this clip collection began while walking alongside my mom after she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Although my secondhand observations are far different from someone personally going through this battle, I still am able to experience a glimpse of the hardship and pain. I witnessed what it is like for a woman to lose her hair due to chemo/cancer treatments. I became more aware of things I previously took for granted: putting a bobby pin in, curling my hair, or even brushing a hair knot out. Thus, the idea for this clip collection started. These clips stand as reminders to pray for our family and friends going through battles against cancer and to be thankful we have hair to put up or pull back with a clip. Let the clip serve as a reminder each time you see or use it to be grateful for your hair and health. Let it be a reminder to pray for those who are facing life and death situations. The clips are different colors to honor that month’s cancer awareness month color. The clips have different sayings based on that month, but the main collection clips are engraved with, “thankful i can” (“thankful i can” clip back my hair). The original pink one is in honor of breast cancer and is dedicated to my mom as she inspires and motivates me daily to live each day to the fullest, pray for others constantly, and to make a change in the world in any way I can.The website for further information is KiCarCo.com & Instagram is @kicarco. A portion of the profits is going toward cancer research. So, Let's Clip it for a Cure!