Her Story

In college, Kim Roxie worked as a makeup artist at the mall. She loved helping women discover their natural beauty. She felt a calling to work in the beauty industry and dreamed of creating a makeup line. But when she researched the ingredients used to make the products, she was appalled. She remembered thinking, “I can’t put my name on that and sell it to people!”

Her mom religiously put on her makeup before she left the house everyday. Kim’s mom loved makeup, she loved the way the makeup made her mom feel. When Kim revealed to her mom she was going to create a makeup line as her career's next steps, her mom gave her $500 and her blessing.

In 2004, LAMIK started as a local makeup shop in Houston, Texas. Where women would come to get their makeup and eyebrows done. They started selling products made by hand and soon LAMIK was much more than a place! LAMIK became a community where women knew they belonged.

Inspired by her personal hair loss journey and her mom passing away from metastatic breast cancer. Kim made it her mission to give women of color access to safe, natural beauty products. She knew she had to get paraben-free makeup to every woman who wears makeup routinely. 

When Kim created LAMIK, the name was nothing more than her name spelled backward with an La (pre-fix) from her middle name. Now LAMIK is an acronym and tells the meaning of what it is Love And Makeup In Kindness in a product.

Kim realized that is what LAMIK really stands for and true beauty is that it comes from within.

That's why she always says Beauty is Revealed, Not Applied.

About the Brand

LAMIK Beauty was born from the fact that 75% of products targeted to women of color are toxic. They created a vegan makeup line made of clean ingredients that are kind to your skin and fit all skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest.