Herstory exhibitions

Experience ethical fashion from around the globe

 HerStory is the first shoppable platform to showcase ethical, women-led brands from around the globe and share their stories. HerStory brands are committed to ensuring dignified employment for women to create a brighter future for next generation of leaders. Join the HerStory movement to empower and represent women who want to change the narrative of fashion. A product should tell a story and a story can transform a community.

made in australia

Jenny Hsieh, Founder of X Nihilo

X NIHILO is an Australian leather bags label focusing on sumptuous, substantial and subtle luxury for modern women. So luxurious, timeless and practical, the X NIHILO leather bags are pieces that the consumers want to keep forever.

made in middle east/central america

Sophia Demirtas, Founder of Fanm Mon

As an ode to their Haitian heritage and the magic and enchantment of Haitian couture, Fanm Mon creates one-of-a-kind styles with a potpourri of delightful colors, unique motifs, fairytale silhouettes and extraordinary craftsmanship.

made in india

Alana Oates, Founder of Llani

Llani - a globally-inspired accessories collection, is a partnership between Alana Oates, and a coterie of artisans & craftsmen she met while working in India. The factories they work with are female founded or family owned, where female workers have strong leadership roles at each factory. Llani takes great care to work with only high-quality materials such as leather, suede, and genuine shearling. Their embellishments — beading, trims, and motifs, are delicately created by hand.

made in india

Maggie Smith, Founder of Mignonne Gavigan

Mignonne Gavigan is where sophistication and playfulness can coexist. They aim to thoughtfully design one-of-a-kind accessories that tell a story of handmade craftsmanship and faraway travels. With partners in India and Asia, Mignonnge Gavigan creates modern designs informed by 100-year-old heritage techniques.

made in africa

Kahindo Mateene, Founder of Kahindo

KAHINDO is a socially responsible womenswear brand that creates wearable art featuring bold colors and custom prints inspired by the designer’s Congolese heritage, African upbringing and globe-trotting travel.

made in africa

Lothar Schafer: Founder of Cape Cobra

Established in 1972, Cape Cobra Leathercraft is a third-generation family-run business that specialises in the design and manufacturing of sustainably-sourced luxury exotic leather handbags and accessories.

made in mexico

Isabel Andrade: Founder of Corazón Playero

Handmade “wearable art” palm hats with unique embroidered designs.

made in mexico

Alma Caso Evans: Founder of Alma Caso

Alma Caso’s Mission is to introduce Mexico as a producer of luxury and high quality leather accessories that rival other countries traditionally recognized for this craft. They strive to design timeless products that women can feel good investing in and using for years to come.

made in south america

Isabella Domínquez & María Paula Vargas: Founders of Pájara Pinta

Pájara Pinta is a Colombian lifestyle brand inspired by the jungle primal and joyful energy that ethically produces handmade bags, accessories, and apparel in partnership with local artisans, indigenous communities and single moms across Latin America.

made in usa

Claire Ellis: Founder of Malibu Apothecary

Malibu Apothecary creates clean fragrances inspired by a love of travel. Malibu Apothecary candles use sustainably sourced essential oil-infused fragrances and safe synthetics with clean-burning coconut & soy wax to support the mission – clean coastal fragrances for a cleaner coast.