Her Story

I drained my savings account to develop and produce an original home workout DVD. I was working crazy hours in management consulting and had recently completed my MBA, but could not ignore my deep desire to share fitness, health and wellness with others. I chose to lean in. I realized I had unique ability to motivate and encourage others through fitness and wellness. At a very young age I began struggling with my weight. I weighed 106 pounds in the 3rd grade. However, my weight loss journey transformed my way of thinking and revealed my personal strength.

My new-found mental grit positively impacted my career, relationships and my faith. I had a duty to share my weight management success story and tools for others to succeed and I started Grit By Brit: a fitness studio and smartphone app. More importantly, I created a culture surrounded community, female empowerment, mental health and self-confidence. My lean in decision taught me that I am capable of doing things far beyond my imagination. I have encouraged the lives of many people by simply sharing my gifts and taking a risk.

About the Brand

At GRIT, Brit has designed and curated a set of original, music-driven group fitness classes that provide an intense workout and a fun experience.  She's also hand-selected an inspiring team of instructors who each demonstrate the core values of passion, fun, positive energy and perseverance.  This full-body boutique fitness concept is based on her belief that mental grit or "passion and perseverance for long-term goals" is the key to both fitness success and to living our best lives.  Brit advocates that learning to endure though physical challenges teaches us to persevere through greater life challenges.  "We can't always control life's circumstances but we can control how we respond."