Shannon Allen has  been in the business of helping people relax and unwind for over 25 years. As a massage therapist and an aromatherapist it is her passion to create a memorable experience for her clients. In the early years of her career, she fell in love with aromatherapy when she worked part time in a little aromatherapy shop in San Luis Obispo, CA. The aromas and feelings she felt by smelling these amazing oils were very impactful on her. Shannon decided to take her love for essential oils to the next level, and in May of 2011, she graduated with a Masters in Aromatherapy. Shannon’s passion is to make an impact on society with her brand and products. Aroma Boutik creates aromatherapy blends and bath salts to enhance people’s lives and help improve their mental health.  Their slogan is “Gratitude one drop at a time”, shares Shannon’s gratitude for the precious oils we receive from the many plants all over our Mother Earth. Life is full of challenges and joys so why not enhance your life with beautiful scents.


Aroma Boutik offers a modern way of helping people with balancing your mental wellness and a way soothe their body via aromatherapy. Aroma Boutik is inspired by self-care and soul-care techniques that help you shift your mood. They  are not your typical bath salt company, they give people tools for them to release the everyday stressors that come about. Most people love to soak in a bath but those who don’t have a luxurious bath tub can use salts in the shower. Shannon refers to it as Shower Salting.