The Ultimate Summer Spritzer: HerStory and Corazón Playero Are Joining LoveShackFancy in Southampton June 4th & 5th

The Ultimate Summer Spritzer: HerStory and Corazón Playero Are Joining LoveShackFancy in Southampton June 4th & 5th

HerStory is partnering with LoveShackFancy and Corázon Playero in Southampton, NY, June 4th-5th. Read on to dive into all the juicy details about this ultimate summer kick-off!
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 Written by Ivy Nielsen - May 31st, 2022

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A young mom walks onto the pebble beach of Southampton with a beautiful beach hat embroidered with a blue bouquet on the side… the detailing looks hand-stitched and unique. Holding her hand is a six-year-old with pigtails and baby aviators matching her mama with her stylish baby fedora hat with the initials ACU… it’s the exclusive HerStory x Corazón Playero Madres De Flores collection made in Mexico. 

LoveShackFancy is hosting HerStory for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience this upcoming weekend; June 4th from 11 AM - 5 PM EST and June 5th from 11 AM - 3 PM EST. LoveShackFancy’s Southampton location (not to be confused with Sag Harbor) will host the event showcasing their cult-favorite clothing and the Mexico-based brand Corazón Playero’s embroidered beach hats and an exclusive customization bar. That’s right. Hand stitch your initials, favorite phrase, or icon on your one-of-a-kind summer hat! 

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The coming together of these three brands goes deeper than just an impressive pop-up. Support HerStory cultivates an empowering environment for female-owned businesses looking to expand their products and reach into the US. These women-led businesses are hand-selected and curated by Tinsley Merrill-Paul, founder and CEO, and the rest of the HerStory team. Businesses partnering within Support HerStory must align with the goals and values of the company: to promote growth and diversity in the world of retail, explicitly curated for women-led luxury products. The brands must also uphold the values of HerStory’s mission statement: to help small businesses thrive and support marginalized communities worldwide. 

One of the most coveted brands active on the HerStory marketplace is the colorful handcrafted sun hats by Corazón Playero. Founded in Mexico by Isabel Andrade, Corazón Playero translates in English to “beach heart.” Each hat is certainly handcrafted with love and has become a fan favorite in Texas and the South. Founder of HerStory, Tinsley Merrill-Paul, instantly fell in love with Andrade’s mission upon meeting her and seeing her collection firsthand at the first-ever LoveShackFancy and Support HerStory pop-up. Merrill-Paul immediately knew that she must do all she could to help Andrade expand her brand into the US marketplace.

These three powerhouses will return for a summer spritzer you won’t want to miss! Preview the exclusive styles in person before they sell out this weekend in the Hamptons. Explore LoveShackFancy’s quaintest location, tucked away on Main Street in the heart of Southampton! Customize your hat a dream, featuring onsite embroidery by Marcela Folkl. As you shop, pick up an ice-cold glass of Rose Gold Rosé to start your summer spritzing. 

We hope you can join us in the Hamptons for an unforgettable weekend!
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Meet Us In The Hamptons!
June 4th (11 am - 5 pm) & June 5th (11 am - 3 pm)
LoveShackFancy Southampton (11 Main St. Southampton, NY 11968)
Hand Embroidery from 12-5 pm