Meet the women

Tracy Wydra and Audrey Zirdar


We were both Beauty and Fashion junkies when we met in college at Georgetown. Tracy then went to Grad school and architecture at MIT while Audrey went off to Columbia Business and worked as a banker advising companies in the consumer sector. Our skill sets couldn't be more complimentary!

As we entered our 40's, we began to notice how hormonal changes were once again wreaking havoc on our skin. These were the result of stress, diet, travel, or simply monthly fluctuations. We're exceptionally discerning consumers, and we've tried everything to help balance and hydrate our skin but non of the products we diligently slathered on met our standards for luxury and efficacy. So...leveraging Audrey's experience in research and due diligence and Tracy's design sensibilities, we decided to join forces and create out own.

We built our dream team comprised of best-in-class chemist who have not only been behind the leading brands in the industry but also responsible for some of the most notable advances in skincare. We Worked tirelessly over two years to formulate a high performance, balancing moisturizer that not only met our efficacy benchmarks but was also backed by science.

WINNØW simplifies skincare while delivering on a daily basis the kinds of complexion-balancing enhancers we all crave: hydration, brightness, clarity. Why WINNØW? In short, because we firmly believe in its potential for improving skin.