Meet the women

Sofia Zuluaga and Claudia Mendez


Claudia, a true visionary at heart, has always been fueled by her innate love for creativity and an unwavering passion for fashion. Her life has been a canvas on which she adorns herself with bold, expressive statement pieces, each one telling a unique story of her personality and style. Her creative journey, which commenced as a mere fascination with jewelry design during her formative years, has evolved into a central role as Zereno's Creative Director. In this pivotal position, Claudia brings her boundless creativity to the forefront, infusing each of the brand's creations with not only aesthetic brilliance but also a deep sense of artistry and self-expression. Her ability to seamlessly blend timeless elegance with modern innovation has become the hallmark of Zereno's designs, captivating fashion enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike. Claudia's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and creativity, breathing life into the brand she now guides with unwavering dedication.

The Origin

Founded in 2023, Zereno is a Colombian-based brand that is committed to creating ethical, handcrafted bags and accessories capturing the essence of women and Colombian art. Their designs seamlessly blend timeless and modern aesthetics, instilling confidence and admiration in those who choose them. The brand's inspiration stems from the adventures of a mother-daughter duo constantly in search of unique designs during their travels, driven by their passion for fashion and a desire to make a positive impact. They established a workshop in rural Medellin, imparting jewelry and bag crafting skills to local women and collaborating with over 10 skilled female artisans from the outskirts of Medellin, infusing each piece with their dedication. Zereno's unwavering respect for their artisans' talents and their commitment to sustainable materials and processes reflect their conscientious approach to crafting unique pieces. Each Zereno creation pays homage to the vibrant colors of their surroundings, the mastery of local artisans, and the celebration of individuality. Their attention to detail ensures the unparalleled uniqueness of each piece, embodying the devotion of handmade artistry.