Meet the women

Samantha A. Kent


The Cleanest Lab emerged from a necessity for ingredient efficacy, safety, and transparency. They specialize in crafting confidence-boosting beauty products that adhere to the most stringent standards. Samantha, the founder, was moved to action when her sister, Ashley, began her Leukemia treatment and experienced adverse reactions to conventional hair and skincare products. The joy of beauty rituals turned into an additional source of discomfort in Ashley's life. Samantha recognized this as an aspect of their new reality that she could address. In less than a year, The Cleanest Lab came into existence. Trust in your choice. Trust in the results.

The Origin

The Cleanest Lab was established on the premise of a family crafting solutions for their own needs, motivated by the desire to share Pure Beauty solutions with the world. Welcome to a new era of beauty: Pure Beauty. These formulations are grounded in scientific research, meticulously designed for functionality. Ingredient selection is driven by purpose, effectiveness, safety, and environmental responsibility, rather than fear or fleeting marketing trends. The ultimate objective is to infuse pure moments into daily life, whether for self-care, a confidence boost, a gift to a friend, or fostering a sense of community. Rest assured, you are bringing non-toxic beauty into your home.