Meet the women

Rosie Mangiarotti


With my own frustrating experiences with sticky bras, and after watching my friends and sisters have similar frustrating experiences, I thought there must be a solution to this, and if there isn't, I am going to create one. Sticky bras lose adhesion easily, get dirty, and fall of when you least expect it.To combat these issues, I thought to create a sticky bra with replaceable adhesives. I thought of this idea in High School and it wasn't until my junior year in college (Spring 2017) when it resurfaced. I studied Business & Entrepreneurship at Brown and took a class called “The Entrepreneurial Process”. Through this class, we learned all about starting a company through doing close readings on entrepreneurial case studies. As part of the class, we were split into teams to come up with an idea- a product or service that solves a customer pain point- and to create a full fledged business plan. I pitched this idea and my team was on board. I worked alongside my classmates in a business team of six to transform the idea of the “Reliabra” (now, Perkies) into an opportunity, an opportunity that is now a commercial reality. After I graduated, with some wind behind my back through pitch competition success, I decided to bring this idea to life!

The Origin

Perkies creates and sells innovative undergarments for women to wear. Our products include: The Perkies Sticky Bra, Perkies Nipple Covers, and Perkies Panties. The Perkies Sticky Bra (a backless/strapless bra that sticks on) is a unique product for women as it provides customers with replaceable adhesives.  Perkies founder, Rosie Mangiarotti, had enough of the subpar sticky bras currently offered on the market and created the Perkies Sticky Bra as an alternative. By offering replacement adhesives, Perkies provides a fresh stick as needed, a clean bra, and a more affordable and sustainable solution to backless and strapless outfits.Rosie started working on this project through an entrepreneurship course she took at Brown, and has since created this one-of-a-kind product to solve the sticky bra problem, and the marketplace loves the Perkies Sticky Bra solution.Perkies is dedicated to sustainability, inclusivity, and empowering women to feel confident. We also donate 5% of all sales, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. BCRF’s mission is to advance the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer. For more information about BCRF, visit