Meet the women

Olympia Le Tan


Founded by Gregory Bernard and Olympia Le-Tan in 2009, the brand re-imagines classic book covers and art, transforming them into coveted artisanal clutches and accessories. From the original hand embroidery to the printed lining, every detail is carefully considered.

The first Paris store debuted in December 2014 and is located by the iconic Jardin du Palais Royal. In 2018, co-founder Olympia Le-Tan stepped down as creative director. Today, the brand is run by a small creative team who make up the OLT Studio. 

The Origin

Olympia Le Tan finds inspiration for their covers in different fields: Art, Literature, Movies, Painting. They then adapt the designs in order for them to be embroidered in both thread and felt. Their manufacturers then do their magic by hand embroidering every clutch, sometimes taking up to 300 hours. They assemble the embroidery onto their traditional stainless steel. All book clutches are unique and numbered chronologically 01/77.