Meet the women

Lisa Coleman


In 2010, the founders of Recreo San Miguel – Lisa and Michael Coleman, who had recently moved to San Miguel – happened upon a book that described these two aspects of San Miguel’s history. They made a simple creative connection with the idea of re-creating the serape in fine fabrics and a contemporary design aesthetic.

The Origin

A year and a half later, the brand’s first collection was launched in one of San Miguel’s landmark buildings – a former ruin – luxuriously renovated as the label’s flagship boutique.

"And thus, Recreo San Miguel was born, marrying these two disparate aspects of Latin American heritage (serapes and elegant fabrics) and wrapping them in a bit of high fashion. In a sense, therefore, one could say that Recreo San Miguel sprang – literally and figuratively – from the pages of history."

Since then, the collection has broadened to include not just serapes, but a wide range of wraps, vests and jackets, kaftans, skirts, blouses and more – statement pieces and essential separates – loosely inspired by historical forms, while designed to appeal to contemporary luxury consumers across the globe.