Meet the women

Lauren Fisher


My vision for G&T is to redefine what activewear can be. After living through the height of the athleisure phenomenon, I began to notice the overall decline in our society’s sophistication in regards to appearance. Having worked in luxury fashion for the past eight years, I know the tremendous power a great outfit has on one’s performance and confidence. After a relentless, yet unsuccessful pursuit of chic, modern golf and tennis pieces that allowed me to express my personal style, I decided G&T was what the golf and tennis world needed. We have conceptualized activewear from a new lens, intentionally focusing on the woman’s physique, while taking inspiration from both vintage sportswear, as well as modern ready-to-wear designs. G&T is luxurious and tasteful, with a cheeky flair, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The Origin

Introducing G&T, a luxury sportswear brand focused on exclusively and intentionally on women's golf and tennis apparel. Inspired by elegant sophistication of vintage sportswear, G&T is reimagining the activewear space with their stylish & refined approach to golf and tennis apparel for women.