Meet the women

Isabel Andrade


I founded Corazon Playero in 2018. This concept of custom made hats, “wearable art” came to my mind after I had my second girl. I was a stay at home mom and even though I loved my girls I missed working. Since I was a little kid, I remember I had a passion for fashion, clothing and accessories and also for designing.

I came up with this idea of creating different unique pieces. Just because we are all different! Specially living in Cabo where we really need to take cover from the sun  I thought we should do it in a unique way! Bright, fun and colorful! I started this business selling hats to friends and family and would sell in different pop ups and farmer’s markets in town. What started as a hobby for me, has taken a life as it’s own and I’m very grateful and excited to see how far it can go. 

The Origin

The name “Corazón Playero” means beach heart. 

I came up with this name because I love the beach and I have lived inMaui, Hawaiibefore moving to Cabo.I wanted a name that means a lot to me, so I just thought about beach. And we all need to wear a cute and unique hat when we’re under the sun! Everything we make is hand made, every piece has hours of work into it. We create good memories when people visit our shop in Cabo and choose every specific design and color. After designing with us their hats, this special piece of art becomes part of their vacation making it a good souvenir while they were in Cabo.Even when  we just ship our pieces out, our customers know they are buying something valuable and hand made. Giving so many jobs to artisans and people involved in Corazon Playero means a lot to me. We support and hire mostly female artisans at our shop!