Meet the women

Giselle Chirinos & Rory Semple


We started Overt because we saw a big problem with the beauty industry. We saw an industry full of confusing ingredients, misleading statements, poor production, and hype driven formulations. It was difficult to find products that were both well formulated and actually worked. 

The Origin

That is where the idea of Overt was born, a skincare company that was transparent, effective, and charitable. One that went beyond just making good products, but doing good for the world too. We want to hold ourselves, and the industry, to a higher standard. We set out to build a community of likeminded individuals who appreciated good skincare. That said, we needed to find the right partners to enable this change.

We set out globally to find a facility that matched our expectations for sourcing, testing and production. Cruelty-free, excellent formulations, and FDA certifications were just the start. We eliminated hundreds of candidates to arrive at the facility we use today. The in-house R&D department, coupled with the experience of the researchers, as well as the qualifications the facility holds, makes it the perfect place to create world class skincare. 

All of our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to work on solving common skincare issues. We don’t include unnecessary fillers, parabens, or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates). We make our products with recyclable materials. We bring them directly to you to maintain exceptional value. We donate 10% of our profits to charity. That’s what makes us different.