Meet the women

Gisa Marsicovetere Heinz


Gisa Marsicovetere Heinz was born and raised in the bustling capital city of Guatemala. When she moved to the United States and started her own family, she craved a way to stay connected to her roots. She wanted to bring the beauty of Guatemala to the doorsteps of moms everywhere, and give back to rural communities in need. Inspired by the rich traditions of Guatemala textiles and her own two children, Gisa co-founded Folklore Las Niñas.

The Origin

Folklore Las Niñas is the original artisan girlswear celebrating Guatemalan textile craftsmanship. We create timeless, hand-women clothes and accessories for babies, girls and moms.

The Journey of each Folklore frock

It all starts at the footloom in the Guatemalan countryside. Propelled by ancient wisdom and craftsmanship, an artisan weaves every thread to create a beautiful, premium textile. By creating fabrics on the footloom with no electricity, we thoughtfully reduce carbon emissions and water consumption. This process takes weeks to complete, but it’s in this timehonored practice that quality goods are crafted. With Gisa’s designs in hand, our seamstresses take these bolts of woven fabric and combine them artfully to create each dress, shirt, or throw. Because every garment is handmade, each one is a shade unique. Your beautiful pieces travel all the way from Guatemala to your front door. Because of their exceptional quality, you get to throw them on over and over again without worry of wear down. From birthday parties to backyard picnics, our pieces are effortlessly cute. With leggings and a jacket, each piece transforms into a new look across seasons. With every purchase, we provide clean drinking water to communities by partnering with EcoFiltro. So while you and your babes dance in your Folklore favorites, the beautiful people of rural Guatemala revel in the gift of clean water.


Handmade - Every garment is woven and hand-sewn by Guatemalan artisans, each drawing from generations of tradition and passed-down wisdom.

Honest - You can don your Folklore goods freely, knowing that every maker from the footloom to the final stitches is honored for their craft with safe work environments and fair trade wages.

Sustainable - With waste-conscious small batch collections, low carbon production, and a devotion to water equity, we’re committed to raising the bar in the fashion industry. Folklore is more than a clothing company. We’re a family of makers who believe in Guatemala’s past and future.