Meet the women

Clara Lago Rashidian


Clara Lago Rashidian, the visionary founder and dedicated CEO of pītusa, has embarked on an extraordinary journey of brand cultivation since its inception in 2010.. A true cosmopolitan spirit, Clara's roots span London, where she spent her formative years, and she is blessed with a rich heritage of Spanish and English descent. Currently, she resides in the vibrant city of Miami, alongside her beloved family, in the very heart of where pītusa's headquarters thrives.

The Origin

Pītusa, pronounced pee-tu-sah, is a brand on a mission to deliver high-quality, comfortable, and vibrant apparel that exudes happiness. Drawing inspiration from global travels and the rich tapestry of diverse cultures, pītusa's clothing is crafted for relaxation and luxury, featuring exquisite fabrics like pima cotton from Peru and lightweight gauze cottons from India. Founded and led by CEO Clara Lago Rashidian in 2010, pītusa is a shining example of female-led innovation, with a presence spanning the globe. From its headquarters in Miami, Florida, to its international boutiques in Mykonos, Tulum, and Ibiza, pītusa embraces its namesake, which means "cute, funny little girl" in Spanish, by infusing its designs with a bright and cheerful aesthetic that effortlessly transitions from beach to street.