Meet the women

Catherine Nieuwoudt


My grandparents moved to Lesotho in 1941. This is where I was born and spent most of my childhood and adult life. It is from my bond with the mountain kingdom and its people that our products are born and what makes them truly special. The inspiration for the brand was the Rosehip oil and the way that the harvesting of this incredibly potent ingredient afforded over 4,000 people to become suppliers of wild harvested Rosehips which grow abundantly in their environments. We aim to seek out more African oils and botanicals with potent ingredients that could make an impact on the livelihoods of the mainly women providing for their families in Africa. I am the founder but it's these incredible African women who are truly affected by our company and in the future, we hope to empower many more within our community.

The Origin

ROZURI by Maya is redefining luxury by offering full transparency from how their USDA-certified organic ingredients are sustainably sourced to product performance and company policies. The new, luxury skin care brand is ethically sourced and wild harvested in Africa and the key economically benefiting raw materials are sent to France where they are complemented by scientifically backed active ingredients. 

An extension of “Zuri” – graceful and beautiful in Swahili – and “Maya” – the force by which the universe is manifested, the brand empowers multi-generational women in their community. An ode to an old-world tradition of wellness, undertaken with the mediums of new-world scientific advancements. Every product developed is a symbolic extension of community and those working behind the scenes, bringing meaning to every use.

 For every bottle purchased, $1 will be donated to the Senqu Foundation, which supports a number of organizations aiming to improve the lives of at-risk women and children in the African Community. Our goal is to leave the earth and our community in a better place than how we found it so it can flourish, indefinitely.