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The Future is Handmade: The Importance of Artisanal Preservation

In a fast-paced world where mass-produced products dominate society, the true essence of luxury can sometimes be lost. One of HerStory’s many values includes supporting women-led brands that strive to preserve traditional craftsmanship by partnering with artisans who create handmade luxury products.
The Future is Handmade: The Importance of Artisan Preservation

In a fast-paced world where mass-produced products dominate society, the true essence of luxury can sometimes be lost. One of HerStory’s many values includes supporting women-led brands that strive to preserve traditional craftsmanship by partnering with artisans who create handmade luxury products. Many consumers have been led to reevaluate their purchasing choices when seeking out unique and authentic items in pursuit of products that reflect individuality and that tell a story. As we delve into the value of preserving these practices it becomes increasingly clear that the charm of handcrafted items at a women’s boutique is not only important in preserving craftsmanship, but also is meaningful in fostering a sustainable future.

In a globalized world where everything is commoditized and available at the click of a button, handcrafted items present a unique and valuable experience. HerStory works with a variety of brands that partners with artisans who use traditional craftsmanship. Each brand, Larkin Lane, Pajara Pinta, Kahindo, Joyn and Hess value the dedication of the hard work that is poured into each handcrafted item.

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Explore the Artistry of Larkin Lane's Collaborative Fashion Journey with Artisans Worldwide

Larkin Lane values the stories each handcrafted item has to offer. Lark Champion, founder of Larkin Lane collaborates with artisans from around the world to craft handmade pieces that tell wonderful stories of tradition through their craftsmanship. Each handcrafted item has a deep-rooted connection to cultural heritage that would be lost if it were not for the dedicated artisans pouring their passion and expertise into their craft.

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The Empowering Artistry of Pajara Pinta's Handwoven Hats by Colombian Artisans

The Colombian lifestyle brand, Pajara Pinta works with local artisans, indigenous communities, and single moms across Latin America to ethically produce handmade bags and accessories. In a world where environmental concerns and social issues are increasing, Pajara Pinta supports sustainable and ethical practices that preserve traditional craftsmanship. The support of small businesses at a local level helps foster economic growth in addition to the company’s use of eco-friendly materials.

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Kahindo's Journey to Empower and Elevate African Women Through Inspired Fashion

Kahindo is a socially responsible womenswear brand that creates wearable art featuring bold colors and custom prints. Produced by female artisans in Africa, sustainability is woven into the fabric of each Kahindo piece. Kahindo Mateene, founder and creative visionary shares her wisdom.

“For me, fashion is only as beautiful as the way I treat the female artisans and workers who help me create my line. That means focusing on sustainability and ethical work environments for my global partners, and using the KAHINDO brand as a vehicle to create equity and job opportunities for women. Together, we share the heart and soul of Africa with the rest of the world through fashion.”- Kahindo Mateene

Kahindo not only empowers women everyday from the women that produce the pieces to the women that wear the pieces, but does so responsibility. When you buy a handcrafted item from Kahindo, you are not just purchasing a product, you are supporting refugee women who through craftsmanship have produced a product that has a deep-rooted connection to their culture and heritage.

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Joyn’s handcrafted items are created to celebrate and value the artisans who produced the works of art. It is a treasure to understand how the bags were made and the worth of seeing the timeless bags in the lives of women everyday. All products are manufactured in house which creates a beautiful synergy of appreciation and deep relationships with the artisans. Choosing not to mass produce fosters sustainable production runs which aids in creating something unique each time and something made just for you. Each piece is crafted with longevity in mind and allows women to cherish the story behind each bag.

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Fostering economic growth while also strengthening communities, Hess is devoted to developing a new fashion era where artisans are supported and a fair-trade supply chain where men and nature are unified. The brand opts for natural fabrics instead of man-made fibers as one of the ways they help to promote sustainable growth. Some of the fabrics include Eri silk and handwoven cotton. Each fabric is also unique especially with the use of block printing where each item that is created is a one of a kind item every time. This ancient printmaking technique contains a collection of steps that help to transfer an exquisite design onto fabrics. The unique method results in every print being different even if its only in the slightest which is the beauty in its individuality. Preserving these artisanal techniques helps support sustainable fashion practices and the centuries long traditions where they came from.

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Why Shop with HerStory?

In a globalized, branded world that constantly seeks novelty, the true luxury of the future lies in the ethical practices of handcrafted items. Embracing the timeless elegance and cultural heritage that each skilled artisan has produced not only supports each skilled women, but also celebrates the sustainability and meaningful connections that are made. Handcrafted items are more than just a purchase or a possession. Each item represents a lifestyle choice that comes with a story. This lifestyle choice has the ability to enrich our lives and make the world a better place and handmade is where it starts. Handcrafted treasures are those which we should not take for granted and that we must preserve.


HerStory is proud to support each women-led brand that partners with artisans that handcraft pieces that make our world a better place. In every creation there is a unique story and a distinct style. Having an item that has a deep-rooted connection to another cultural heritage and tradition is a beautiful masterpiece. By cherishing these traditions we contribute to empowering women and creating a more sustainable world.