Camilla Earring in Silver by Akola
Camilla Earring in Silver by Akola
Camilla Earring in Silver by Akola
Camilla Earring in Silver by Akola


Camilla Earring in Silver by Akola

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The Camilla drop earrings by Akola effortlessly embody femininity. These elegant earrings are the perfect staple piece to dress up any outfit. They feature bone from the Ankole cow and are handcrafted in East Africa.

Silver Metal, Ankole Horn & Kidney Shaped Ear Wire


Handcrafted in Uganda


Brittany Underwood

Every journey requires faith and a first step. In my case, it started with a woman. It was 2004 and I was a spoiled, selfish, 19 year old college student looking forward to a summer adventure. Two weeks into a trip I met a Ugandan woman named Sarah. Sarah lived her life with great meaning and purpose and sacrificed everything she had to care for 24 children who slept on her floor. I knew that there were poor children in the world. But for the first time, I SAW them. I saw their mats, distended stomachs, and their sores. I wanted to help. I moved to Uganda after graduating from SMU in 2006 and came to love Ugandan mothers like Sarah, who were desperately trying to care for their children. I realized that meaningful job creation is critical and started Akola, "She Works", in 2007 with 15 women making jewelry under a tree. Today, Akola has blossomed into a thriving purpose-driven jewelry brand and manufacturing business that creates beautiful designs that build up the lives and livelihoods of 200 women living in poverty.